Wish you could do more for the environment? Refer Climate Benefits.

Sofia Munana
May 19, 2021

We know that you want to do more for the environment— advocacy for climate action has been growing rapidly. Yet, our daily changes and habits feel too small to make much of a difference. The growing hunger to do something at a larger scale is felt across the world. 

Climate Benefits is a way for organizations, small and large, to engage their employees on the fight against climate change. It’s a collective action, and it gives employees the opportunity to make a difference while becoming more educated about the subject. With our dashboard, employees gain transparency around their company's environmental impact and reporting.

Employers might need a little push because historically, most companies have not prioritized their environment impact. We’re now seeing a market shift in the ways that companies are held accountable— from new regulations around carbon credits to consumers demanding more eco-friendly products. Give your employer one more way to commit to reducing carbon emissions, and give yourself an opportunity to be a part of it. 

Today, you can refer Climate Benefits to your employer. If they implement it, we’ll give you $100 in cash and $100 to contribute to carbon removal projects on our product. Use your voice as an employee and you'll initiate the removal of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide.

Sign up on this registration form, and we’ll reach out to your employer directly to set up an introductory conversation and demo.