Develop Apps with Climate Impact

We enable developers to embed Climate Benefits functionality into their apps via several API endpoints. We handle the heavy lifting for measuring, offsetting, reporting, and more.


Climate Benefits is a software platform to measure, offset, and report your company's carbon emissions— all while engaging your employees with a corporate benefit.

Value Proposition

We've built software to save you time and money with your climate change strategy. Everything is in one place, so you don't need disparate systems. We handle all the heavy lifting to create a seamless experience for your company.

Our Business Model

We charge a subscription that starts at $149 per month if paid monthly. We take a 10% transaction fee from climate benefits providers on our platform.

Our Commitment

At Climate Benefits, we have a commitment to operate as transparently as we expect our customers to operate on their environmental impact. We will always be straightforward about our business model, never sell your data, and provide accurate reporting.


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