How Do We Evaluate Partners?

We have a team of subject-matter experts that personally evaluate our partners. Each one is rooted in science and has a direct impact on climate change.

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Step 1

We do extensive research to find carbon removal projects, advocacy organizations, volunteering opportunities, and eco-friendly products & services.

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Step 2

We conduct an evaluation call to assess the partner. Specifically, we try to understand the technology, team, carbon credit pricing, timeline for completion, operational structure, and budget.

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Step 3

We conduct reference calls to ensure redundancy. Specifically, we verify carbon removal claims with academics and industry professionals.

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Dedicated Software

Our partners get access to dedicated Climate Benefits software to submit their benefit, track engagement, and get paid out automatically.

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Continued Evaluation

We conduct quarterly reviews of the partner's perfomance. Additionally, we review qualitative and quantitative feedback that Climate Benefits customers leave on the platform.

Screenshot of the Climate Benefits application. There is a Benefit about tree planting.