How It Works

We've built the most powerful climate change software in the world. Every part of the product has been hand crafted to maximize your environmental impact, employee engagement, and your bottom line.

Image of a computer. On the screen is the homepage for the website Climate Benefits

Step 1

Sign up with your work email.

Step 2

Choose partners that align with your organization. Your Climate Benefits program is fully customizable.

Already have existing climate initiatives internally? You can add those as well.

Image of the Climate Benefits marketplace page.
Step 3

Invite and manage employees participating in Climate Benefits. Track data and analytics on company-wide progress and efficacy.

Seamless Employee Onboarding & Engagement

Employees get invited via email and create their own account. From there, they can contribute to projects, engage with resources, participate in employer matching programs, and view company-wide climate data.

Analytics and Reporting

Track your climate impact in one centralized dashboard. At the end of the year, we'll help you claim tax credits.

Image of the Climate Benefits reports page.