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Combat Climate Change with Enterprise Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Climate Benefits Partners?

Partners are carbon removal projects, renewable energy credits, advocacy organizations, volunteering activities, or eco-friendly products and services.

Employees on Climate Benefits can contribute pre-or-post tax funds specifically to carbon removal projects, renewable energy credits, advocacy organizations, and eco-friendly products & services. Carbon removal projects are essentially projects that remove carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent in emissions. These projects have a direct impact on the environment (i.e. for every $1 contributed, there's a net output of carbon dioxide reduction). For advocacy organizations, donations go towards operations for climate activism work. We personally vet each one of these projects before they appear on the Climate Benefits product. Additionally, we make it very clear where the money contributed goes to. You can learn more about that evaluation process here.

Employees on Climate Benefits can engage with volunteering activities by learning more about their programs and linking to their website. Employees cannot financially contribute to these organizations.

Employees can spend their monthly stipend to purchase eco-friendly products and services. These partners provide our users with a tangible offering that has a net reduction in carbon emissions.

How can we measure our carbon footprint as a company?

On Climate Benefits, you can measure your carbon footprint by answering a handful of simple questions crafted by our experts and integrating with your payroll or accounting software.

Additionally, you can track detailed analytics on the "Reports" tab. The Reports include the amount of carbon removed, number of climate benefits providers available to employees, number of participating employees, and qualitative feedback from employees on each benefit. The data is meant to (1) show you the efficacy of the employee benefit program and (2) continuously allow you to make the experience better.

What are the tax benefits for using Climate Benefits?

Donations to advocacy organizations are tax deductible because they are 501(c)3 organizations. Climate Benefits provides customers with the tax forms under the "Reports" tab on January 1st of each year to claim the donations as deductions on corporate returns. Note that according to the IRS, companies can claim up to 10% of their net income in these type of tax deductions. Employees who pay out of pocket can also claim tax deductions.

What Payroll or HRIS systems does Climate Benefits integrate with? 

The "Starter" tier currently supports Gusto, Paycor, JustWorks, Zenefits, TriNet, Run Powered by ADP, BambooHR, Paylocity, Quickbooks Payroll, Rippling, and Square Payroll. We can implement other HR and Benefits software under the "Enterprise" tier.

Is Climate Benefits secure?

Yes. We do not access your personal data and use modern system architecture to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, we never publicize your Climate Benefits program or climate impact data which we know is personal to each company.

You can read more about our approach on the Security page.

What is the pricing model?

There are two pricing plans available to customers:

For 1-99 employees, it's $149 per month.
- For 100-499 employees, it's $499 per month.
- For 500-999 employees, it's $999 per month.

Custom plans, paid annually.

Customers are able to start on a Free Trial to start setting up their account: selecting benefits, connecting a payment method, customizing the benefit, etc. When on the Free Trial, customers are unable to add Team Members until they select a Pricing Plan.

How do I contact support? 

You can reach us at or Contact Us on our website.

We provide in-app support for all customers, regardless of pricing tier. You can submit a ticket directly from the dashboard.

Am I charged per employee? 

We do not charge per employee. For customers on the Starter tier, we have created monthly packages. You can track the number of employees available for your package from the Team page.

- For 1-99 employees, it's $149 per month.
- For 100-499 employees, it's $499 per month.
- For 500-999 employees, it's $999 per month.

What are ways I can customize the program?

Everything is customizable: email invitation, monthly stipend, employer matching program, roll over funds, About page communication, default currency, default language, points, leaderboards, and more. We've built everything to be dynamic as well so you can turn things on and off as needed.

Customers on the Enterprise tier can white label the platform with their own logo and branding.

How do you vet partners?

We review every Climate Benefits Provider to make sure they are rooted in science and transparent with their operations. Our CEO, Param Jaggi, personally vets each organization on the science and we bring in third party experts to give their independent evaluation. We focus on quality over quantity.

You can learn more about that evaluation process here.

That all being said, we don't always get it right. We're constantly collecting feedback from customers, employees, and third party advisors to review all of our partners on a quarterly basis.

What are the different ways our Employees can engage with Climate Benefits?

From the dashboard, employees can contribute money to partners. We've built a suite of tools to allow employees to contribute via a monthly stipend allocated by their employer, pay out of pocket with a debit or credit card, set up recurring contributions, participate in an 'employer matching' program, let funds rollover, and more.

Employees can also view climate resources, get involved with volunteering opportunities, track their carbon footprint, and compete against other employees on engagement.