The Climate Benefits Product Stack

Parakh Jaggi
December 27, 2020

Since starting Climate Benefits, we've been asked how we're able to move so quickly. This, aside from a fierce sense of competitiveness, is a result of thoughtful deliberation on products we use to build our product. Here's a list of the products and tools we use to be successful: 

  • GoDaddy: Domain management, Email hosting
  • WebFlow: Website design and development, Blog CMS, Marketing automation 
  • Figma: Product designs and collaboration
  • Pexels: Stock photography for the website and product
  • Google Sheets: Track expenses and accounts
  • Google Docs: Collaborate on product, marketing, and sales specs
  • Fiverr: Contractors for designs, copy, list building, and more

There are a handful of products that we don't use per se but are actively taking inspiration from. Here's a few of them:

  • Modern Health: We love their business model, providing a new type of tech-enabled benefit to employers.
  • Deel: We love their website design and overall aesthetic.
  • GiveButter: We love their brand voice and use of Webflow to build complex marketing strategies.
  • Upright Labs: We love their business model of providing both services and software to achieve a common goal.

As we continue to add products to our stack, we'll add them here. If you're interested to learn how we vet and implement vendors into our stack, contact us