Who are the Climate Benefits Providers?

Sofia Munana
May 26, 2021

Climate Benefits would not be possible without the incredible organizations who are doing the work to remove carbon emissions and advocate for climate change action. One of our goals at Climate Benefits is to educate people on the importance of carbon removal, and engage them in different projects that are rooted in science.

The Climate Benefits platform includes several organizations who are personally vetted by our CEO, Param Jaggi, a two-time Forbes 30 under 30 Energy. 

There are two types of organizations that employees can engage with or donate to on the Climate Benefits Platform:

  1. Carbon Removal Organizations: these are organizations that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere in different ways. It’s easy to track the impact of each donation to these organizations, because each group states exactly how much carbon is removed per dollar.
  2. Advocacy Organizations: these are organizations that are fighting climate change through education, building awareness, advocacy and more. They are typically 501c3 registered organizations, and employees can choose to either donate to them, or reach out to find volunteering opportunities. 

Below are a few examples of our carbon removal partners and what they do:

  • Charm Industrial: they convert waste biomass into fast pyrolysis bio-oil. Then they inject bio-oil deep underground as negative emissions, or reform it to produce green hydrogen as a fuel and industrial chemical. For every $1 contributed, Charm Industrial will remove 3 pounds of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.
  • Climeworks: they capture carbon dioxide directly from the air. The air-captured carbon dioxide can either be recycled and used as a raw material, or completely removed from the air by safely storing it. For every $1 contributed, Climeworks will remove 2 pounds of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.
  • Ecoera: a Swedish biochar innovation company that has created a carbon removal market and is the current market leader in Biochar-only carbon sinks. Ecoera is urbocharging the biochar revolution by providing technologies, knowledge and tools enabling sustainable small-scale and urban agriculture. For every $1 contributed, Ecoera will remove 2 pounds of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.

As employees contribute to the carbon removal organizations mentioned above, they will be able to see their impact in real time, and the total amount of carbon that has been removed as a result of their giving. 

If you’d like to predict how much impact your company will have in 1 year, based on the amount of employees and allocated stipend per employee- you can use our impact calculator to check! 

We also include several other resources that employees can engage with, learn about, and volunteer for:

  • Environmental Defense Fund: EDF is one of the world’s leading environmental organizations. Rooted in science, EDF partners with innovators around the world to forge the most effective solutions for our environment.
  • Rainforest Foundation: The Rainforest Foundation US is a non-profit NGO working in Central and South America. It is one of the first international organizations to support the indigenous peoples of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfill their rights to land, life and livelihood.
  • Terra Cycle: TerraCycle is a social enterprise eliminating the Idea of Waste. In 21 countries, they tackle the issue from many angles.

You can also learn more about how we vet each Climate Benefits Provider.

Have a suggestion for another carbon removal organization, or impactful nonprofit making a difference in the fight against climate change? Let us know!