Employee Benefits and Environmental Impact — All in One Place

Sofia Munana
May 18, 2021

Calling all HR leaders: there’s a new type of benefit you can provide to your employees and it’s going to help you recruit & retain talent.

Climate Benefits is the first platform that enables employers to offer employees a way to fight climate change directly. 

So what exactly does that mean? 

With Climate Benefits, employees have the ability to explore and learn about different carbon offset projects and climate change organizations. They can choose where they’d like to contribute, and see their impact reported in real time.

The best part? You’ll be able to make an environmental impact, and show your commitment to climate change action. It’s not just about providing a benefit- it’s also about showing your employees what you care about as a company, and providing them with continuous learning opportunities about one of the most critical topics of our time. 

Below are 4 key reasons why companies should be providing Climate Benefits to their employees:

  1. Employee Alignment

Millennials and Gen Z base career choices on values. Recruitment and retention of employees will improve if companies prioritize climate action. Show your commitment to environmental impact by allowing your employees to each have a part in the collective action.

  1. Monetary Impact

With Climate Benefits, you can easily claim end of year tax credits for your contributions. In addition, the higher conversion rate during recruitment and higher employee retention will also have a monetary impact.

  1. Environmental Impact

Create a tangible climate impact as an organization. Track the pounds of carbon dioxide you reduce, and remain an engaged advocate for combating climate change.

  1. Brand Value

Easily share out your environmental impact with stakeholders, investors, customers and employees.