Welcome to Climate Benefits

Param Jaggi
December 24, 2020

Consumer-led sustainability practices to reduce the carbon footprint is more prevalent than ever before. These practices have been led by a range of new technologies and business model innovations to reverse the course of climate change. We're now entering a time where consumers are being more proactive about their sustainability behavior in the workplace as well.

According to FlexJobs, 70% of job seekers prioritize improving the environment when looking at potential companies. Furthermore, about 75% of employees who are currently working for a company wish that the brand was more involved with improving the environment. Analyzing this day, we started Climate Benefits to provide employers an easy way to provide environmental benefits to their employees. Rather than using a consulting model to achieve this, we chose to build a self-service software product that would scale with a company's workforce.

Why integrate Climate Benefits into your organization?

Climate Benefits is a product that has the ability to foster new environmental benefits that your workforce is striving for. With a quick connection to your payroll system, you can give your employees the freedom to choose from a pre-selected list of carbon offset projects they want to support. The product then tracks and reports the pounds of carbon dioxide that your company reduces over time. Some of the other featured benefits include:

  • Enhanced brand image which will attract better talent and reduce turnover rates.
  • Higher levels of productivity.
  • End of year tax credits for certain carbon offset projects.
  • Increased happiness as employees work together towards a common social goal.
  • Improved customer loyalty. Reports show that customers are more likely to choose vendors with brands built around corporate social responsibility.

The heat is on for greener practices in the workspace. Employees are starting to demand specific climate change policies from their employers. Climate Benefits is the perfect solution to remain competitive and make a positive social impact along the way. You can address your workforce's environmental concerns with beautiful software. Our vision is to build an ecosystem that does good for all stakeholders: employers, employees, and the planet.

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall.